Curriculum Development Division

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First Sub Division: Curriculum Planning and Teaching

  • The Twelve-year public education program
  • Comprehensive Assessment Program for Junior High School Students
  • High Schools, and vocational schools premiumization
  • Grade1-9 curriculum
  • Remedial Education, students grade evaluation
  • Marine Education, Science Education, field trip curriculums
  • Special schools development and Local Education promotion
  • Teaching excellence, Teaching normalization
  • International education promotion, bilingual education
  • Reading education, afterschool care
  • Teaching priority district, China diplomas certification
  • Non-school style experimental teaching, school style experimental teaching
  • Enhancement programs, Compulsory Education Counseling Group

Second Sub Division: Educational Administration and Human Resource

  • Principal Screening and Selection, director screening and selection
  • Teachers recruitment, placement, and transfer
  • Teachers professional development evaluation
  • Teachers’ profession lecture, in-service training
  • New entrant teachers workshop
  • Invoking teachers and incompetent teachers management
  • teacher administrators recruitment
  • teaching support personnel certification
  • teachers’ group agreement regulations
  • private high schools and vocational schools’ evaluation
  • numbers of classes and teacher ratio
  • school districts division, normal class grouping, and student information management