Social Education Division

Xin-Ying Office: 06-6351762、06-6328675
Tainan Office: 06-2991111#8616, 8170, 8865


Providing lifelong education

  • Adults fundamental education program: adults fundamental education classes foreign spouse education classes (free)
  • General school district digital learning program: providing computer class for citizens within their nearest school district, acquiring citizen with digital skills (free)
  • Remote towns digital center: providing digital resources learning programs for remote town citizens, enhancing remote areas and underprivileged group with IT capability and internet use rate (16 facilities, free)
  • Senior Learning Center: provides 55 or older citizens with wide selection of programs. (37facilities, free)
  • Community multi-function learning Center: providing a wide selection of classes for citizens (Xiue-Jia Elementary school, free)
  • Community College: 7schools providing programs for citizens (Zeng-Wen, Nan-Guan, Tainan, Beiman, Xin-Hua, Xin-Ying, and Yong-Kang)
  • 31 night schools for citizens to acquire their elementary and junior high diploma
  • academic accomplishment qualification examination

Cram School Education

  • short term cram schools: registration applications, cancellation, and public safety inspections
  • afterschool day care center: registration applications, cancellation, and public safety inspections

Arts competitions

  • Tainan City traditional arts competition: Appr. Nov.
  • Tainan City Dance competitions: Appr. Nov.
  • Tainan City Music competition: Nov.-Dec.
  • Tainan City Language Arts competition: Sept., Mayor’s cup language arts competition in May
  • Tainan City Creative Theater competition: Appr. Oct.
  • Tainan City Art competition: Appr. Oct
  • Tainan City Elementary School 1-2grade Story-telling competition:
  • Tainan City Teacher and Students Dialect songs competition: Appr. Nov.
  • Tainan City Elementary school children’s song competition: Appr. May
  • Tainan City Children’s Literature Creation: Little black-faced Spoonbill story and cover competition: Appr. Mar.-Apr.

Recognition Ceremony

  • Children’s day recognition ceremony: Appr. Mar.
  • Outstanding students recognition ceremony: Appr. Jun.
  • Teacher’s Day recognition ceremony: Appr. Sept.
  • Lifelong learning model recognition Ceremony: Appr. Nov.
  • School volunteer recognition ceremony: Appr. Jul.

Traffic Safety Education: promoting traffic safety education, workshops, and evaluation.

Students transportation management: Cram school transportation vehicles inspection

Cultural and Educational Foundation Management: registration and supervision

Educational Volunteer Management: issues educational volunteer booklet and evaluation.