Special and Preschool Education Division


Early Childhood Sub Division:

  • Pre-school education quality: elevate the quality of pre-school curriculum and activity, teaching equipment, and school-age suitability and balanced development
  • Educare environment legitimation: holding pre-school evaluation, pre-school yard and public safety inspection. Making a healthy and safe learning environment
  • Educare giver profession: provide in-career training and workshop, recognizing and awarding excellent educare givers
  • Educare service publicization: overall review on pre-school supply and demands and handle nonprofit pre-school, supporting families with parenting needs
  • Educare resource communization: establishing community educare resource center, and community educare information network

Special Education Sub Division:

Respecting fundamental human rights of disabled personal, and equal chance of education are the fundamental method of special education in Tainan City. The purpose is to ensure all special students have the equal rights and chance to be educated, and fully develop their abilities, character, and increase their ability to serve the society. Also, enhancing Tainan students’ competitiveness in the world has always been our core and fundamental value.