Digital Learning Promotion Office

The Information Center utilizes technology and a wireless network to provide an individualized, productive, personalized, and global technology-enhanced learning environment for elementary and junior high schools in Tainan.

The Information Center aims to manage and procure mobile learning devices, promote technology-enhanced learning in elementary and junior high schools, and enhance the quality of technology-enhanced teaching and learning outcomes.

Organization Structure:

1. Information Technology Section

  • Improve educational software and digital content in classrooms, meet teaching needs, provide convenience for preparing curricula, and diversify teaching methods and strategies.
  • Based on big data analysis, provide students with personalized learning and provide learning analysis reports for teachers, schools, and parents to achieve individualized learning and adaptive instruction.

2. Curriculum and Instruction Section

  • Guide students to use ICT (Information and Communication Technology) to improve their learning, cultivate their self-regulated learning, cooperative learning, problem-solving ability, and creativity, and foster their attitudes and habits of using ICT in a healthy, reasonable, and legal way.
  • Train teachers to use technology and improve their technology-enhanced teaching ability. Combine mobile learning devices and educational software with digital content to support teaching and learning more efficiently and diversify teaching methods and strategies.

3. Administration Section

  • Plan development for technology-enhanced teaching and learning.
  • Control and manage the progress of development.