Students Counseling Center

student counselling

  • Students’ psychological assessment, counselling, and resource referral service
  • Guiding sever psychological and behavior deviation, and students’ with adaptation difficulties.
  • Providing teachers and parents professional counselling service.
  • Assisting schools holding case discussion and meeting
  • Assisting schools in dealing with crisis and psychological consultation
  • Outcome measures and case follow up management
  • Coordinate and integrate consulting and advising resources
  • Supervise and advising dropout students back to school

restorative justice

  • School yard positive discipline
  • Used in class management and conflicts
  • Promoting restorative Justice in schools

adaptability counselling

  • Enhancing career development education at the junior high level
  • Collecting and data analyzing of junior high school students after graduation
  • Responsible for  providing enough manpower to subordinate junior high schools to counsel students for fitness
  • Enhancing educators’ counsel for fitness ability.
  • Establishing a way for parents, social groups and enterprises to participate in students’counselling for fitness
  • Accepting cases from subordinate high school, providing career advisory and consulting service

Professional Personal training

  • Responsible for supervising advisors and school counsellors
  • Providing workshops and programs for advisors and school counsellors
  • Assist in planning school counsellors research development assessment
  • Coordinate training for professional advisory interns