Civil Service Ethics Office


  • Discovery and whistle-blowing of corrupt officials and illegal acts
  • Safekeeping confidential official information of our center
  • Prevention of damages or destructions, as well as the registration of civil servants’ property
  • Management of the policies and regulations of government ethics
  • Promotion of the policies and regulations of government ethics
  • Suggestions related to government ethics reform
  • Suggestions related to awards and sanctions of staffs who promote or violate government ethics
  • Prevention of corrupt officials and illegal acts

Tel: (06) 2991111#8674  Fax: (06) 2955-712

Accounting Office


Director Specialist Subsection
Director Specialist First subsection chief Officer x2
Assistant x1
Contract worker x2
Second subsection chief Officer x4
Contract worker x3


  • The bureau’s budget, accounting, statistics, final report, and accountant personal business
  • Collect all budget, accounting, statistics, final report, and accountant personal business under the bureau, and all levels of education establishments
  • Budget preparation, allocation, and re-apply budget, adjusting capacity, advanced payment budget preparation, allocation, and re-apply budget
  • Official document and business trip allowance review
  • Construction and maintenance purchase bid supervision,
  • Surplus of funds, Secondary reserve fund auditing, and control
  • Internal control and accounting system
  • Payment vouchers, report from under the bureau, and all levels of education establishments, transfer list of property, accountant file dismantle

Secretariat Office


Bureau’s law and regulation consulting, property management, official document receipt and forwarding, document files management, cashier management, and the bureau’s research and development evaluation.

Personnel Office


Director Excutive Officer Subsection
Clerk Function
Director Excutive Officer First subsection chief Officer x3 Performance rating, reward and punishment, attendance management, staff training and advanced learning.
Second subsection chief Officer x3
Assistant x1
Staff organization , staff appointment, contract workers management, teachers’ salary, compensation, retirement, insurance.


  • Staff organization and appointment in schools and agencies
  • Contract workers management
  • Teachers’ salary
  • Performance rating
  • Reward and punishment
  • Attendance management
  • Staff training and advanced learning
  • Compensation and benefits
  • Retirement
  • Insurance

Sustainable Campus Division


Campus planning , construction and maintenance project , teaching facility and equipment,efc.

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Special and Preschool Education Division


Early Childhood Sub Division:

  • Pre-school education quality: elevate the quality of pre-school curriculum and activity, teaching equipment, and school-age suitability and balanced development
  • Educare environment legitimation: holding pre-school evaluation, pre-school yard and public safety inspection. Making a healthy and safe learning environment
  • Educare giver profession: provide in-career training and workshop, recognizing and awarding excellent educare givers
  • Educare service publicization: overall review on pre-school supply and demands and handle nonprofit pre-school, supporting families with parenting needs
  • Educare resource communization: establishing community educare resource center, and community educare information network

Special Education Sub Division:

Respecting fundamental human rights of disabled personal, and equal chance of education are the fundamental method of special education in Tainan City. The purpose is to ensure all special students have the equal rights and chance to be educated, and fully develop their abilities, character, and increase their ability to serve the society. Also, enhancing Tainan students’ competitiveness in the world has always been our core and fundamental value.

Student Affairs, Counseling and School Safety Division


First Sub Division: Student Affairs, Counseling and School Safety
Practical art education, gender equality promotion, schoolyard disaster prevention, President Educational Award, alternative military service management, life and legal education, internet addiction counseling, schoolyard safety report, and scholarship

Second Sub Division: Sanitation and Health
Environment education, schoolyard sanitation education, students infectious disease prevention, and school lunch related business supervision

Social Education Division

Xin-Ying Office: 06-6351762、06-6328675
Tainan Office: 06-2991111#8616, 8170, 8865


Providing lifelong education

  • Adults fundamental education program: adults fundamental education classes foreign spouse education classes (free)
  • General school district digital learning program: providing computer class for citizens within their nearest school district, acquiring citizen with digital skills (free)
  • Remote towns digital center: providing digital resources learning programs for remote town citizens, enhancing remote areas and underprivileged group with IT capability and internet use rate (16 facilities, free)
  • Senior Learning Center: provides 55 or older citizens with wide selection of programs. (37facilities, free)
  • Community multi-function learning Center: providing a wide selection of classes for citizens (Xiue-Jia Elementary school, free)
  • Community College: 7schools providing programs for citizens (Zeng-Wen, Nan-Guan, Tainan, Beiman, Xin-Hua, Xin-Ying, and Yong-Kang)
  • 31 night schools for citizens to acquire their elementary and junior high diploma
  • academic accomplishment qualification examination

Cram School Education

  • short term cram schools: registration applications, cancellation, and public safety inspections
  • afterschool day care center: registration applications, cancellation, and public safety inspections

Arts competitions

  • Tainan City traditional arts competition: Appr. Nov.
  • Tainan City Dance competitions: Appr. Nov.
  • Tainan City Music competition: Nov.-Dec.
  • Tainan City Language Arts competition: Sept., Mayor’s cup language arts competition in May
  • Tainan City Creative Theater competition: Appr. Oct.
  • Tainan City Art competition: Appr. Oct
  • Tainan City Elementary School 1-2grade Story-telling competition:
  • Tainan City Teacher and Students Dialect songs competition: Appr. Nov.
  • Tainan City Elementary school children’s song competition: Appr. May
  • Tainan City Children’s Literature Creation: Little black-faced Spoonbill story and cover competition: Appr. Mar.-Apr.

Recognition Ceremony

  • Children’s day recognition ceremony: Appr. Mar.
  • Outstanding students recognition ceremony: Appr. Jun.
  • Teacher’s Day recognition ceremony: Appr. Sept.
  • Lifelong learning model recognition Ceremony: Appr. Nov.
  • School volunteer recognition ceremony: Appr. Jul.

Traffic Safety Education: promoting traffic safety education, workshops, and evaluation.

Students transportation management: Cram school transportation vehicles inspection

Cultural and Educational Foundation Management: registration and supervision

Educational Volunteer Management: issues educational volunteer booklet and evaluation.

Curriculum Development Division

Tel: 06-2982621 Fax: 06-2982639


First Sub Division: Curriculum Planning and Teaching

  • The Twelve-year public education program
  • Comprehensive Assessment Program for Junior High School Students
  • High Schools, and vocational schools premiumization
  • Grade1-9 curriculum
  • Remedial Education, students grade evaluation
  • Marine Education, Science Education, field trip curriculums
  • Special schools development and Local Education promotion
  • Teaching excellence, Teaching normalization
  • International education promotion, bilingual education
  • Reading education, afterschool care
  • Teaching priority district, China diplomas certification
  • Non-school style experimental teaching, school style experimental teaching
  • Enhancement programs, Compulsory Education Counseling Group

Second Sub Division: Educational Administration and Human Resource

  • Principal Screening and Selection, director screening and selection
  • Teachers recruitment, placement, and transfer
  • Teachers professional development evaluation
  • Teachers’ profession lecture, in-service training
  • New entrant teachers workshop
  • Invoking teachers and incompetent teachers management
  • teacher administrators recruitment
  • teaching support personnel certification
  • teachers’ group agreement regulations
  • private high schools and vocational schools’ evaluation
  • numbers of classes and teacher ratio
  • school districts division, normal class grouping, and student information management