Aborigines Education Resource Center


  • The Tainan City Aboriginal education resource was center was founded on Aug. 1st , 2015.in the center we have a Kitulu Library, an artifact exhibition room, showing aboriginal artifacts, videos and information. we also have a multi-purpose room, education hall, information and language learning section to promote aboriginal language and culture, promoting aboriginal cultural and lingual education programs for aboriginal students in Tainan, such as introducing aboriginal culture, aboriginal story book making, arts and craft, traditional dance and music, and interaction with tribal schools;Also supporting the local education program, such as the municipal mother language activity, aboriginal culture experiencing, aboriginal kid education camp, and tribal language teachers’ workshop, to enhance the understanding towards aboriginal culture in Tainan City, showing respect and care among tribes to achieve the goal of multi culture exchange.
  • The center’s formal form is the aboriginal education resource center funded by the council of indigenous people in 2006. Due to the landscape of Tainan City, our center is a municipal education resource center rather than going into the tribes, providing more opportunities for aboriginal students to expose to their culture. Tainan City doesn’t have an original tribe, before finding the center, the interaction between aboriginal groups was well, coordinated to hold all sorts of traditional aboriginal culture experience. Especially collecting 16 aboriginal tribe languages, artifacts, music, holy bible and hymns in Wade-Giles system of Romanization, totems, agricultural tools, toys, hunting tools, and everyday products, including self-documenting teaching material. The center owns the biggest collection of information in Taiwan. Students can study the language proficiency materials given by the Council of Indigenous People, and the supplementary materials made from the center.


  • Aboriginal education course development and promotion
  • Aboriginal education related material collection, organization, filing, and promotion.
  • Aboriginal education advisory and counselling.
  • Assisting in aboriginal education


  • Administrative group: Setting the annual schedule, create a list of aboriginal teachers and students, scholarships and funds, and evaluation.
  • Course and curriculum: building a database assist aboriginal teachers, course developing and promoting teacher training, and teaching advisory.
  • Cultural data and information group:aboriginal education related material collection, organization, filing, and promotion, and managing aboriginal education related website and resources.


Indigenous Education Resource Center (Bureau of Education, Tainan City) a great achievement: the basic training program of teaching design for indigenous-language teachers in August 2018.
*The director of the Indigenous Education Resource Center gave a talk for the purpose of this training program.
*An ethology Professor of National ChengChi University, KUAN Da-wei, gave a lecture about the traditional ecological knowledge of the indigenous people in Taiwan.
*Everyone was learning a lot of the knowledge of the indigenous history at the end of the training class.

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