Tainan Astronomical Education Area


Tainan Astronomical and Science Education Area is affiliated with the Tainan City Bureau of Education managing Tainan Astronomical  Education Area and the Tainan Children’s Science Museum

Tainan  Astronomical  Education  Area

  1. about Tainan Astronomical Education Area:
    Besides telescope observing, exhibits with exploration interactions,3D sphere dome astrology theaters, also a natural habitat of the environment with a great view of the Tsungwen River and moon world. We also have a sundial restaurant, and star house providing food, beverage and souvenir.
    ◎Tel: 06-5761076
    ◎opening hours: Tue to Sun 09:00~17:00

    • Observatory opens until 21:00
    • Planetarium Sat opens until 20:00
    • Closed on Monday and Chinese New Year eve
    • Monday is open in winter and summer vacation
  2. Tainan Astronomical Education Area three major buildings:

    • Observatory
      Owning telescope with different caliber, including the biggest on ground, a 76CM telescope. Every Saturday night is open for observation.
    • Astronomy Exhibition Hall
      Including three themed floors:1F our home、2F birth of the solar system、3F vast universe
    • Planetarium
      On the 3F there is a astrology theater,the first in Taiwan with a 3D digital omnimax celestial globe,feeling the power and the reality of the similated sky and science films. also the 1F has an interaction exhibit, the 2Fhave a souvenir shop.
  3. Tour service:
    20 and up can reserve for a tour, also providing schedule tours and APP tours.
  4. Tainan Astronomical Education Area tour APP:
    Android                               ios
    android    ios
  5. tickets:
    • Astronomy Exhibition Hall:50NT, discount ticket 40NT, 6 and under, 65 and up free, with disable pass may allow one company for free.
    • 2D astrology theater:100NT, discount ticket 70nt, 65 and up 50NT, with disable pass may allow one company for free.
    • 3D astrology theater:130NT, discount ticket 100NT, 65and up 65NT, with disable pass may allow one company for free.
  6. Website:http://www.taea.tn.edu.tw/index1.asp

Tainan Children’s Science Museum

  1. About:
    Children’s Science Museum, established in 1978 is a place of memories for Tainan children throughout their childhood. Constantly holding science fairs and exhibitions providing parent and children a chane to interact with science.
    ◎Add: No.5, Gongyuan N. Rd., North Dist., Tainan City
    ◎Tel: 06-2224583
    ◎open hours:

    • Wed to Sun 09:00~17:00
    • closed every Monday and Tuesday, Chinese new year.
  2. Tour Service: provide 20 and up group tours(register online), and QRcode audio Tour
  3. Free tour
  4. Website:

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